Excellence, precision, deeply cultivated knowledge, research and strong understanding of profoundly complex biological processes have always been the foundation of Dr Bianca Piscioneri’s clinical practice and patient care.

A higher order thinker and a leader in biomimetic approach to dentistry and smile rejuvenation, Dr Bianca Piscioneri expertly combines her innate understanding of the beauty in the science of nature and the complex functional and neuronal interaction of mouth, teeth, lip and skin biology of the face. 
This expert understanding of The Face has revolutionised the approach to customer care and science in the world of cosmetics.

"The Face is far more than just the surface appearance of your skin. The Face is defined by unique communication zones which offer a conscious and subconscious mirror to the outside world on our confidence and how we may feel, reflecting our physical and inner health. Central to all of this is hydration and the profound impact it has on intercellular and biomolecular levels. More than any other place, the mouth is the hidden secret and the first exhibitor of dehydration of the face long before the skin on the face is impacted, and well before we are consciously aware of it.”

In her clinical practice and treatment of her patients, Dr Bianca Piscioneri increasingly observed the epidemic dilemma in our contemporary world of the far-reaching and serious impact of subclinical dehydration, status anxiety and stress-related signs and symptoms.

"The impact that this chronic subclinical dehydration has on general health, health of skin and feeling of mental well-being of the brain is insidious and pervasive.”

Dr Piscioneri was driven to create ELEMENTET: a unique skin care and science-focused beauty brand where expert understanding of hydration is not merely about the surface appearance, but is about the holistic approach to hydration from inside and out. 
Inspired by the beauty of nature, ELEMENTET is defined by innovative excellence in Biomolecular Science and Biomimetic principles which aim to deliver intelligent  ingredient actives which work exactly where they are needed, in synergy with the biology of skin.

ELEMENTET incessantly delights in the intrinsic beauty and scents of nature for the pure pleasure of Joie de Vivre. To immerse in the luxury universe of ELEMENTET is to find a new sanctuary of rejuvenation and joy in pure pleasures of all that is beautiful, rare and precious on the planet, and in the universe itself.

“Isaac Newton pondered the mysterious universe and discovered gravity in his garden under an apple tree in late summer of 1666. I discovered life under the elegantly broad and confident canopy of the apple tree of my childhood."

"The dappled light, the changing seasons from fresh shades of pink and white delicate apple blossoms, delicious apples to the tree branches laden with pristine white snow nurtured my curiosity in the dreamy bliss of contemplation. This 70 year old apple tree planted by my great grandfather who died young of tuberculosis cultivated and delighted my interest in science, whilst elating all my senses and forging a desire to help heal people."

"From the beginning, and long before I was conscious of my own sense of self, I understood clearly that life is precious and that optimum everyday health and well-being is defined by more than just the mere absence of disease.”